Let’s make the year of 2014 a year of doing good,
bringing the light of Jesus to those around you by your good deeds.

2014 – The Year to Do Good

The New Year is upon us! This means staying up late to count down until midnight, kiss our loved ones, and then start day one of executing our New – 2014 – Year’s resolution. New Year’s resolutions are the result of reflecting on the past year and the changes that need to be made in our lives to better enhance them in the upcoming year. We make many personal resolutions, in order to give ourselves goals, but usually the promises we make to ourselves come to a halt shortly after they are made. Most resolutions are very selfish for very selfish goals and they get lost in the selfish lives we live…. Maybe it’s time for a change? Maybe this New Year, the year of 2014, we can make this change: not by changing something about us, but changing something about or for someone else. The act of giving can be very rewarding and result in a happier you, and a happier someone else.

A survey was recently conducted that shows that every year, thousands of people take a vow on New Years to lose weight. The second most common resolution is getting more organized, followed by saving more money and spending less money. The list goes on and on to include getting out of debt, quitting smoking, drinking so much and others… Did you know that out of the 45% of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution, only 8% are successful at achieving them? Why is that? Because human beings live for change, but we want it fast. We do not understand that change takes time, it is a slow process and motivation means taking persisting action, something that when 4:00am comes around and it’s time to hit the gym rarely crosses our mind. People expect fast results with limited effort, and that my friends, is why so many people fail at keeping up with their New Years resolutions.

This year, if you really want to make an effort, don’t just think about the average resolutions, think about making this new year, the year of 2014, a year for doing good. How about we put aside our wants and focus on the acts of kindness, the acts of giving, the act of doing GOOD. Doing good takes minimal effort with fast results; results that will leave you feeling happy and fantastic! How easy! Giving to charities, helping out those in need, even doing small acts of kindness that do not cost a thing are sure ways to give joy. In Luke 6:38 we read, “give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” How much more will you receive for helping those in need! Surely, this is much more fulfilling to start the year off right than trying to aim for a resolution that you have made every year and haven’t been able to stick with?

There are many ways to give, whether it is helping out at nursing homes, cheering up your neighbor, helping the single mom who lives next door by watching her kids, or buying a family in need groceries for the week. Whether you spend your money or time, doing good is sure to give you a better feeling about yourself, and your community.

Let’s make the year of 2014 a year of doing good, bringing the light of Jesus to those around you by good deeds. One of the places that needs our help and support is Israel, there are so many ways of helping those living in the land. Holocaust survivors are still in need of shelter, food, and common everyday necessities. There are children suffering from cancer who need us for strength, reassurance and happiness. If you want to plant your feet in Israel but feel like you are too far away- make a difference by planting an olive tree, by committing to be a part of the land’s restoration! There are so many ways to help! Love Israel is the place to start, we hand-picked unique projects that can make a difference. You can join us. This New Years, let’s all make a resolution: to give and to do good!

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