Israel will prevail because God has and still declares that Israel would not only survive but would prosper and would be a "Light for the Nations" as she stands as
the "Apple of His Eye.”


As Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and The Feast of Tabernacle passes Israel is facing one of the most dangerous times in its short history as the global political situations become darker and darker and Israel is again being asked to pay the price for all of these global political dramatic changes.

The core of this problem is the simple but sad fact that the USA, led by President Obama, is tired of playing any roll in the global arena. President Obama is a huge naïve believer in useless and meaningless politics and would never use any force no matter what when the USA is not under direct threat. This is nice but not connected to world reality of 2013 where the global ocean is filled with predatory sharks such as Russia and China who are ready to consume the USA both financially and politically. Yet in truth, they already are well on their way in consuming the USA in both arenas currently.

This tragedy is being fueled from many different directions as Europe fights for its economic survival where Germany is the only nation that can hold its own with its strong cash flow but that too will soon run out. The Southern European Countries, such as Spain, Italy and Greece, are in a melt down crisis trying to survive economically. The other major crucial factor is continued growth of radical Islam that is threatening the whole world with practical strategic and cruel massacre attacks against innocent people in Asia, Africa and all parts of the world.

This newest development is not a surprise to me. Now IRAN has changed its approach as it carefully watches and pays attention to this world global mass shift, using the global confusion and the world’s desperate desire for survival to declare that Iran wants peace and would never look to destroy Israel. The world and its leaders have grown tired of the various above-mentioned problems and are so excited and happy, as they fall into this trap clapping and clamoring about the “New Iran.” Since there is no global leadership, it seems for a fraction of a second that Obama is winning this fight by leading others with his naïve strategy of “let’s make love not war.” This is sad as wise leadership knows and recognizes wolves in sheep’s clothing.

On top of all these developments Russia, now under the leadership of President Putin, is the “exclusive winner” and clearly revealed the weakness of the leadership in the USA. Putin having won over the ridiculous solution regarding chemical weapons with Russia’s ally Syria. I predict that in the near future Russia’s next step would be an attempt to disarm Israel from its nuclear weapons. The USA might agree to this demand thinking they are bringing peace when in reality they will be abandoning their closest ally, Israel. This well might happen I believe under the Obama’s leadership and administration.

Nevertheless, my dear LOVERS of Israel I have good news for you today. Israel will prevail despite of all these dangerous developments mentioned above. Israel will prevail because God has and still declares that Israel would not only survive but would prosper and would be a “Light for the Nations” as she stands as the “Apple of His Eye.” These are not my words or thoughts, but these are the Words of God as written in the Holy Bible and not the words of weak hesitant world leaders. God gave this Holy Land to the People of Israel and NOTHING can or will ever change what God has declared and decreed.

For those of you who are asking me today, “What can I do for Israel NOW?” or “How can I help in watching the walls of Jerusalem?” My answer to you Lovers of Israel is very simple…

You should stand with Israel like never before!!! Unity is the only way for God’s people to win over Satan, Muslim brutality and the growing global evil. We must stand on the side of God’s Word especially when it comes to His Beloved Israel.

Standing with Israel now more than ever before is very simple. Simply PRAY for the Peace of Jerusalem! COME to visit this beautiful land! WALK for yourself along the Footsteps of Jesus! SEE the TRUTH about Israel FOR YOURSELF!

Lastly, become an active part of Israeli projects such as Olive Tree Bond, supporting Holocaust survivors and Larger Than Life. Most importantly, become Ambassadors for Israel and spread the good news and other Truths about Loving Israel to as many friends and family members as you can.

Always remember that the God of Israel is a Good God and that Israel will prevail! The Greatest Good is yet to come…!!!

God Bless you from Jerusalem,
Moshe Bar Zvi

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