Israel is a sign for us today revealing that God does prevail even after thousands of years

Biblical Reason To Love Israel

The name Israel is found more than 2,500 times in Biblical scripture. It appears as “Yisra’el” which means “God Prevails” and once it appears as “El ‘elohey Yisra’el” which means “the mighty God of Israel.” All occurrences of Israel refer to a name whether it is a man or referring to a nation of people or a place.

Today, Israel is a sovereign State and the Israelites in modern times are now called Jews. The Jews returning to their land is a prophetical fulfillment of God’s promises given to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3. These promises were three-fold: the “land” promise, the “national” promise and the “spiritual” promise.

The land of Israel is located where three continents meet, two seas converge and where more than half the Jewish population worldwide live and call home.

The nation is a beacon of light that shines bright in a dark world, as Israel offers the world solutions through its vibrant business opportunities, educational excellence, medical research, agriculture development and technology innovations. Despite historically the adversity its people have faced and survived and even today continues to experience, Israel serves as a world leader in both religious tolerance and in preservation of history.

The spiritual promise given by God in Genesis 12:3 is manifested daily in the lives of those that choose to Love Israel and who support God’s nation, His people and the land. The spiritual Blessing is simply a decision-of-the-heart to believe, to love and to act upon God’s Word as written in Genesis 12:3.

Israel is a sign for us today revealing that God does prevail even after thousands of years and that He is the “Mighty God of Israel.”

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