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As Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and The Feast of Tabernacle passes Israel is facing one of the most dangerous times in its short history as the global political situations become darker and darker and Israel is again being asked to pay the price for all of these global political dramatic changes. The core of this … Continue reading An URGENT Call to all LOVERS of ISRAEL

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Love the Then, Learn the Now

by Pastor Trey Graham “I was glad when they said to me,  ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’  Our feet are standing within your gates, O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that is built as a city that is compact together; to which the tribes go up, even the tribes of the Lord—  an ordinance … Continue reading Love the Then, Learn the Now

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Let us Create a Love Buzz for Israel and Its People

The best way to share Truth on any topic is by word-of-mouth. As word-of-mouth spreads on any given subject, it begins to take on the sound and appearance of a bee buzzing around and landing on any ear that will listen. We all know people on both sides; they choose either to view life as … Continue reading Let us Create a Love Buzz for Israel and Its People

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Let us Support the Holocaust Survivors

The word Holocaust in Hebrew is Shoah and it means catastrophe. It can be hard for us today to imagine living in a world where systematic state-sponsored annihilation happened as a world stood-by and watched. This persecution and genocide against the Jews was so great and pre-meditated that it began in stages overtime in a … Continue reading Let us Support the Holocaust Survivors

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Israel and Palestine

Most people when they see or hear the name “Palestine” today they think of Palestinians. This was not so a few decades ago. Today in all forms of media, this propaganda is an outright refusal to acknowledge Israel. This has grown out of Arab nation sand has been accepted through a lack-of-understanding by viewers and … Continue reading Israel and Palestine

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The Force of Compassion

Ever wondered how you can touch the world? Ever wanted to do more and thought it impossible due to your own life situation? The Love of God has made a way since the beginning of time hidden within the power that lies within a seed. Jesus speaks of a widow who gave an offering of … Continue reading The Force of Compassion

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