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LoveIsrael: The Negev a place to Trust in the LORD

The first mention of the Negev in the Bible is in Genesis 12:9 as God calls Abraham away from his country, his relatives and his father’s house. “Then Abram journeyed on, continuing toward the Negev (the South country of Judah).” An ancient road in the Negev named “Way of the Patriarchs” was a road traveled by Abraham, Isaac and … Continue reading LoveIsrael: The Negev a place to Trust in the LORD

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Caesarea Aqueducts

The next time rain clouds gather consider all the various cycles that perpetuate the flow of water that is a requirement to sustain life. Water is vitally important for growth therefore the need to bring water from its source to where people live has been a central problem for civilization from the beginning. Caesarea was … Continue reading Caesarea Aqueducts

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The Future that Changes the Past – Parashat Beshalach Final Blog

The Future that Changes the Past

Parashat Beshalach This Shabbat when we read Parashat Beshalach is also termed “Shabbat Shira” for “Shirat Hayam” (The Song of the Sea) which we festively read on Shabbat morning in the synagogue. When and why was Shirat Hayam said? Six days after Am Yisrael was liberated from Egypt, it reached a dead end. The desert … Continue reading The Future that Changes the Past

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LoveIsrael Tour 2016

LoveIsrael Tour 2016 hosted by Moshe Bar Zvi, Founder of LoveIsrael joined by his friend Pastor Trey Graham, from Melissa Texas.  Together we are building the bonds of Love between Christian Evangelicals and the land of Israel and the Jewish people. The LoveIsrael Tour 2016 has just ended but we are thrilled to announce that … Continue reading LoveIsrael Tour 2016

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Shabbat Shalom…

“So if you know how to give your children gifts that are good, how much more will your Father in heaven keep giving good things to those who keep asking Him!” (Matthew 7:11) (Psalm 17:8) #ShabbatShalom #PrayerPower #LoveIsrael

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2016 America’s Righteous Stand

Dear Lovers of Israel, I am writing to you from Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Nation of Israel, only a few hours before God covers His chosen people with the Holy Shabbat blanket. This time of the week, established by God, has always been a sacred time of the week and today it is … Continue reading 2016 America’s Righteous Stand

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