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Plant permanent roots in the holy land of Israel, a Gift that keeps on Giving…

Lovers of Israel, Israel is God’s spiritual olive tree, the seed He chose to plant your roots in the Holy Land of Israel.  A good gardener understands what they choose to plant depends upon what it is planted INTO, such as the soil, the moisture (or lack of it), the exposure to sunlight and the degrees of shade.  All these factors go into planting an olive tree that will thrive and survive.  The God of Israel, the Great Gardener of all creation, chose to plant Israel, His spiritual eternal olive tree, into a specific land called Israel.

The olive tree can live 2,000 years and are incredibly fire resistant. Even if the visible portion of the tree appears to be beyond repair, the extensive root system of the olive tree is able to aid in the regeneration of the tree, able to bear fruit again that can produce olive oil. The olive tree itself, not just its fruit, symbolize the covenant between the Jewish people and Israeli land.

The olive tree is an evergreen and does not shed its leaves in winter or summer, so too are the Jewish people. Winter in Judaism symbolizes the time before the Messiah’s return, as many generations of Jews have suffered throughout history they remain faithful to look forward to summer, a time that symbolizes to them the era of redemption. The Jewish people hold a special place in God’s divine plans and they remain today in this world and will be in the world hereafter.

Easily transplanted the olive tree characterizes the Jewish people who were scattered in the Diaspora.  As the God of Israel promised in His Word, He has transplanted them back into their Israeli land. What a beautiful picture of God blessing Israel, supporting Israel and fulfilling His promised land covenant with the Jewish people. The olive bond between the God of Israel and the redemption of Israeli land is unbreakable and undeniable. The world has witnessed this unbreakable covenant alive and thriving in the Holy Land of Israel today.  Israeli land has been cultivated turning malarial swamps and deserts into blossoming blooms of planted olive trees and other cultivated crops and orchards that bear witness and bear fruit of their blessing from God.

One of the many promised land covenants given by God to the Jewish people is, “The days will come,” says Adonai, “when the plowman will overtake the reaper and the one treading grapes the one sowing seed. Sweet wine will drip down the mountains, and all the hills will flow with it. I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel; they will rebuild and inhabit the ruined cities; they will plant vineyards and drink their wine, cultivate gardens and eat their fruit.  I will plant them on their own soil, no more to be uprooted from their land, which I gave them,” says Adonai your God.” (Amos 9: 13-15)  We are living in the days when the plowman overtakes the reaper and the one who treads the grape and the one sowing seed.  Yes, it is the time of restoration, a time to rebuild and inhabit the ruined cities. It is a time to plant vineyards, cultivate gardens, and enjoy their fruits.

Lovers of Israel you can become a part of God’s covenant in blessing Israel, by planting an olive tree in Israel.  When we support Israeli cultivation of olive trees in Israeli land, we are blessing Israel. In blessing Israel, we are supporting Israel.  Planting olive trees is a strong message of our love for Israel and the Jewish people. In the Olive Bond project when we plant olive trees, we are planting our in the form of an olive tree as a sign of support to Israeli farmers.  An unmistakable blessing of a sustainable livelihood for the Israeli farmers.

Lovers of Israel you can become a part of God’s covenant in blessing Israel, by planting an olive tree in Israel.  When we support Israeli cultivation of olive trees in Israeli land, we are blessing Israel. In blessing Israel, we are supporting Israel.  Planting olive trees is a strong message of our love for Israel and the Jewish people. In the Olive Bond project when we plant olive trees, we are planting our in the form of an olive tree as a sign of support to Israeli farmers.  An unmistakable blessing of a sustainable livelihood for the Israeli farmers.

Lovers of Israel when you plant an olive tree, you plant permanent roots in the land of Israel, a gift that keeps on giving.  Will you become a part of the Olive Bond between God and Israel? You have in your hand the ability to bless Israel, support Israel and help them continue to cultivate olive trees; God’s covenant olive tree the Jewish Holy Land tree.

Every olive tree planted in Israel produces the Fruit of Love!

Lovers of Israel, when you plant an olive tree in Israeli land, is it a vital part of blessing Israel and is it supporting Israel?

Deuteronomy 8:8 reads, “It is a land of wheat and barley, grapevines, fig trees and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey;” and within this scripture the significance of the olive tree planted in Israel is stated.  The essence of the fruit produced is its oil.  Only by crushing is the olive oil extracted from the olive tree’s fruit.  Jews often associate with the olive trees fruit, as it was only after the crushing atrocities against the Jewish people during the Holocaust that Jews returned to Israel, their ancient homeland.

The promised land covenant is what connects the Jewish people to land of Israel. This Biblical promised land covenant spoken by the God of Israel is in Deuteronomy 6:11, “houses full of all good things, which you did not fill, hewn-out wells which you did not dig, vineyards and olive trees which you did not plant—…”  Planting olive trees in the land of Israel supports the Jewish people by helping them to cultivate olive trees on Israeli land.  In planting olive trees, we help establish their Promise Land covenant.   In addition, when we plant our roots in Israel, we sustain Israeli farmers in an efficient source of income in-turn helping provide local employment opportunities.  Olive trees planted in Israel are a vital part of maintaining the Israeli agriculture system.  The olive tree’s low maintenance and its natural ability to gather moisture in arid stony ground through its massive root system makes it an ideal tree for many farmers in Israel.

Jeremiah prophesied how the Jewish people would return to redeem the land around 600 BC, as the destruction of the Temple took place and the captive Jewish people taken to the land of Babylon. He spoke of a day when Jews would once again purchase land within the ancient territory in Jeremiah 32:44.  After the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland after WWII, they found it full of malarial swamps and deserts.  The fulfillment of the promise to redeem land by the Jews took place when forests replanted grew and agricultural produce through cultivation made Israel a modern day miracle.  The results of the Jewish people having redeemed their land has produced spiritual fruits.  As once again, the Bible foretold of the land of Israel and its transformation in the hands the Jewish people in Isaiah 35:1, “The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose; it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice, even with joy and singing.”

In planting olive trees, we support the local Jewish farmers by helping them cultivate olive trees in their land, sustain a descent livelihood, support the Israeli agricultural economy and we are participating in the restoration of the land of Israel.  Every olive tree planted by Lovers of Israel yields the fruit of Love filling the farmers with hope and brings joy and singing to the land fulfilling Isaiah 26:6, “In days to come Jacob will take root, Israel will bud and blossom and fill the entire world with fruit.”

Will you join us and plant your olive tree in Israel; will you help the Jewish people in the end-time restoration of the land of Israel? Lovers of Israel together we help redeem Israeli land.

Please visit the Olive Bond Page to become a part of this unique opportunity!

Israel–God’s Eternal Evergreen…

Merry Christmas Lovers of Israel,

Long before the dawn of Christianity, plants and trees that remained green all year had a special meaning for people during the dark days of the winter solstice.  Did you know that Germany started the Christmas tree tradition which we know today during the 16th century?  By the 19th century, Christmas trees stood in one out of every five homes and today there are millions of Christmas trees decorated throughout the world in celebration of Christ’s birth.

Did you know that the olive tree is an evergreen tree that has been cultivated for over 8000 years?  The olive oil that comes from the fruit of the olive tree yields itself under extreme pressure.  Huge millstones extract, through the process of pressure, the olive oil that contains many benefits as it presses the olive berries.  The first press produces extra virgin olive oil–sanctified it becomes anointing oil; the second press produces oil used for medicine; and, the third and final press produces oil used for soap.

Over thousands of years, the olive oil from these evergreen trees has provided fuel to light lamps.  In scripture, we find where the people of Israel were commanded to bring pure oil of beaten (pounded) olives (not pressed olives) for the lamp in the tabernacle and they were told to keep it burning continually from evening until morning before the Lord and this was to be a permanent regulation through all generations of the people of Israel.  (Exodus 27:20-21)

We find the olive tree throughout scripture to be a description of both Israel the people and Israel the land.  This symbolism draws the covenant connection between the land and the people of Israel.

In Deuteronomy 6, the Lord promises to give the land He swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to His people.  The place where olive trees grow that Israel did not plant.

In Jeremiah 11, the Lord calls Israel, His people, by the name ‘Green Olive Tree,’ which is lovely, full of leaves and good fruit, and a people that He planted in their promised land.

In Zechariah 4, the prophet sees a vision of a golden Menorah and two olive trees standing on either side.  The Lord reveals to the prophet that the two olive branches discharging oil through the two gold spouts are two men who have been anointed with oil; they are standing with the Lord of all the land.

In Hosea 14, the Lord says that He will heal His people’s backsliding, will love His people freely and will be like the dew to them and their beauty shall be like an olive tree.

In Amos 9, the Lord promises restoration to Israel, His natural olive tree, He promises to plant them in their land, and no longer will they be pulled up from the land He has given them.

In Romans 11, Paul’s revelation reveals the cultivated olive tree is God’s own olive tree and declares God’s ability to graft wild branches into His olive tree so they too can become partakers of the root and the fatness of the olive tree.  God will graft wild branches-in and will graft natural broken branches back into His original olive tree.  Paul warns the branches not to boast, but they are to remember the branches do not support the root, but the root supports the branches.

Jesus pressed into the perfect will of the Father through prayer in the olive grove of Gethsemane (in Hebrew ‘Gat Shemanim’ means ‘a press of oils’ aka ‘oil press’).  Hidden in these divine events we can draw a perfect image of the olive tree in God’s Plans.  Just like the pressing of olive berries produces anointing oil, medicine and soap; Jesus was pressed and the Fruit of His Body produced God’s Anointing, God’s healing–resurrection power and God’s cleansing power that removes sin.  He was pure yet He was beaten (pounded) confirming His Words, ‘I am the Light of the World.’  The olive tree is a natural reminder that speaks of the Truth that all that is GOOD comes through the process of pressing.  (Philippians 3:12)

As winter settles in, let us remember God’s eternal evergreen–Israel God’s olive tree nurtured by His Loving-Kindness and Faithfulness for thousands upon thousands of years.  Israel and the Jewish people chosen by God to be His ‘witnesses’ and ‘servant’ to know, to believe and to understand that He alone is God and there is none after Him.  (Isaiah 43:10)

Christmas trees only stand for a short season but the eternal evergreen of God stands growing year-after-year. This Christmas plant an olive tree in remembrance of God’s eternal Love and Faithfulness to His Word and to His people.  When you plant your olive tree in the Holy Land of Israel, you become a part of God’s sustaining force of Love that continually lifts Israel, ‘the Apple of His Eye.’  Let your seed be a supernatural connection that draws-out and lifts-up your deep love toward Israel and the Jewish people.  Our prayer is, ‘may God’s eternal olive tree prosper and grow where the Father has planted it and that He blesses those that bless Israel.’  (Genesis 12:3)

Blessings to you, your family and friends this Christmas, may each one be like a green olive tree in the house of God, trusting in the Mercies of God forever and ever.  (Psalms 52:8)

Shalom Aleikhem!

Moshe Bar Zvi

Love Israel Message from the Founder: June 2014

My Dear Lovers of Israel,

I am writing to you who Love Israel from Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of the Jewish people that will never be separated from the Jewish people or divided again.

The Jewish People will celebrate the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot in Hebrew); the Feast of Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of the day when God gave the Torah to the entire Nation of Israel that gathered at Mount Sinai.  The miracles that happened to the Jewish nation are wonderful.  The People of Israel were freed from slavery to Pharaoh the King of Egypt on Passover and were given the Torah on Shavuot and when we became a nation committed to serving God.  The greatest miracle is that this holiday is being celebrated only a few weeks after the 66th Independence Day of Israel.  Today, the Jewish People are now back home in their eternal homeland after 2,000 years of exile!

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Our feet are standing in your gates, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is built like a city that is closely compacted together. That is where the tribes go up—the tribes of the Lord—to praise the name of the Lord according to the statute given to Israel.  There stand the thrones for judgment, the thrones of the house of David.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.” For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.” For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your prosperity.” Psalm 122

In addition to the significance as the day the Word of God was revealed to the Jewish Nation at Mount Sinai, Shavuot is also connected to the season of the grain harvest in Israel.  The Feast of Firstfruits were first instituted while Israel was still wandering without land or crops and was observed in Faith that God would lead His people to the land He had promised.  The harvest which began at Passover lasts for 7 weeks and concludes on Shavuot with 2 bread loafs from the Harvest and is offered at the Temple in Jerusalem (Deuteronomy 26:1-11). Shavuot is also the First day on which an individual can bring their Firstfruit offering (Bikkurim in Hebrew) to the Temple and present it to the Priest (Cohen in Hebrew).

“Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.” (Proverbs 3:9-10)

For those of you who LOVE Israel and stand with her, I call upon you to make a pledge, your individual Gift of LOVE—your Bikkurim—a Firstfruit offering toward Israel that would express your First Gift of Love towards Israel.  Your Firstfuits offering Your “Gift of Love” demonstrates your Love as you plant Hope and Blessings in Israel which would bring Blessings 10 fold or more to you. It does not matter what you do for Israel, just DO SOMETHING, and you will be blessed above and beyond!  You can plant an olive tree, you can support Holocaust survivors or sick children or you can join any other program or organization that offers beautiful and meaningful projects.  You just need to listen to your heart and DO SOMETHING so you can say I stand with Israel and Bless her.

“On the First day of every week, each of you should take some of your money and put it in a special place. Save up as much as you can from what you are blessed with. Then you will not have to gather it all after I come.” (1 Corinthians 16:2)

On this Feast of Shavuot, it is my pleasure to share with you that children are playing in the streets of Jerusalem exactly as the Bible prophesied.  The people of Israel are growing larger and stronger with each passing minute, each and every day.  Israel will prevail against all threats and the bad winds that are blowing in our region.  God is with the Jewish People and you the Lovers of Israel are with the Jewish People and therefore God is forever with you.

“This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says: Once again old men and women will walk Jerusalem’s streets with their canes and will sit together in the city squares.  And the streets of the city will be filled with boys and girls at play.” (Zechariah 8:4-5)

I bless you with the traditional beautiful Jewish prayer to shine upon you and yours: “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His Face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His Countenance upon you, and give you Peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Blessings from Jerusalem!
Shalom, Shalom 
Moshe Bar Zvi Founder

Message from the Founder: February 2014

Dear Lovers of Israel,

Greetings, having just returned from the annual NRB (National Religious Broadcast) convention in Nashville, TN and I am still excited with the flowing amounts of Love and loyalty expressed towards my beloved Country Israel.  In times like this when Israel is becoming more isolated than ever before as world leadership keeps refusing to listen to the evil threats and prefers to ignore risks and the sounds of war drums coming from Iran and its allies.  Times like this would bring out the best of each and every Lover of Israel around the world.

As it is written in the Holy Bible, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem…“ (Psalm 122:6), “Because I love Zion, I will not keep still. Because my heart yearns for Jerusalem, I cannot remain silent…” (Psalm 62:1).  These scriptures are more relevant than ever before.  Speak them aloud when you pray, these strong Biblical verses will rise to heaven from your heart to God’s ear filled with your Love for Israel.

Standing with Israel in these days and times means to stand “in Israel,” therefore I encourage all of you to take a step forward and become involved in this great Holy land.  Come, visit Israel, and with your Bible in-hand get ready for a life experience that would change your life forever.  As we say in Israel, “You’ll never be the same” after you visit Israel and stand on God’s Holy ground.  So until you come to visit Israel you can join our ever-growing partners of LoveIsrael and you too can become a “Lover of Israel” yourself.  You can plant an olive tree in Israel as part of the prophetic “grafted in” vision or partner with LoveIsrael in one of the other great beautiful projects such as the children of “Larger than Life” or with Holocaust survivors through “Survivor’s Hope.”  Furthermore, I encourage you to faithfully watch “Israel Now News” and let the TRUTH come into your home directly from Jerusalem is relatively a young non-profit organization with small assets but we have huge hearts for Israel.  Our beautiful projects are the most captivating projects that support Israel and the Jewish people where the need can impact the hearts of the Jewish people by touching their individual lives.  We have no political agenda as we our desire and motivation is Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt.  All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”  God’s Word concerning Israel is the torch lamp that lights our path in blessing Israel as it is written in our Holy Bible, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105).

These are difficult times for Israel in European countries (countries who have forgotten the holocaust decades ago) where they are standing-in-line with the innovative idea on how to boycott Israel in an effort to hurt Israel financially.  Iran has set a trap with the United States and the entire world by taking advantage of the current American administration’s weakness and the P5+1 group as Iran portrays itself to be the “good guy” who seeks peace.  Yet, Hezbollah and Hamas are continually threatening Israel with more than 200,000 rockets and missiles standing eagerly ready to bomb Israeli cities and civilians.  The civil war in Syria has taken the lives of more than 150,000 citizens mostly murdered by the Assad regime and still the world keeps silent even when about one in 10 who have died are children: this is ridiculously.  IF you are a true Lover of Israel, a believer of the Bible and are strong in your heart toward these truths, you should stand up for Israel and say, “enough.”  The best way to stop this evil is to not only speak the Truth but to do something for Israel.  As you bless Israel God’s greater blessing will rest upon you and your family.

Dear sisters and brothers, join us in our journey to support the State of Israel as together we fulfill Biblical prophecy.  Stand with Israel, ask your family and friends to show their support by doing something for Israel and spread the Truth as you share your LOVE for Israel with everyone you talk with and meet.  United together in our mutual love for Israel we can make this world a better place to live in while we await the Messiah’s return.

Stand with Israel and I promise you this world will get better…!!!!

Blessings from Jerusalem,
Shalom, Shalom
Moshe Bar Zvi

Israel – God’s Holy Land

Israel is a tiny nation, and a new one at that. Israel received statehood in 1948 and is about that size of the American states of New Jersey. Not only is Israel known for being small and always involved in conflict (if you watch the news, Israel always makes the headlines for Middle East conflict), Israel is also known as the Holy Land. What does that mean that Israel is the “Holy Land”? Israel is the land that God Himself designated as His own, and also made a covenant with His people, the Jewish people, that this land is a part of their inheritance. Not only does God designate this land as His own, but almost everything that occurs in scripture happens in this area! From Abraham to Jesus, many historical and miraculous events take place in the land of Israel, thus deeming it holy!

What does the word holy have to do with it?

The Biblical definition of “holy” means anything that is set apart for a specific purpose. Some might think that all places in the Middle East are a desert, with hot and humid climate. We have images of the camels roaming around, lack of water and troublesome people. However, the Bible tells us that the land is “flowing with milk and honey.” Even today, Israel is a beautiful coastal region with forests, fruitful gardens, fields, lakes and yes, some desert. Some places in Israel are so beautiful one might confuse them with Italy, Greece or San Francisco.

According to scripture, God first gave the land of Israel to Abraham and all of his descendants starting with Isaac. “God said to Abram: ‘Go from your land … to the land that I will show you.’ ” (Genesis 12:1). Two other scriptures in Genesis also describe God giving the land to Abraham and his descendants: On that day, God made a covenant with Abram, saying: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river the Euphrates. The land of the Kenites, Kenizites, Kadmonites; the Chitties, Perizites, Refaim; the Emorites, Canaanites, Gigashites and Yevusites.” (Genesis 15:18-21)

“And I will give to you and to your descendants after you, the land of your temporary residence, all the land of Canaan as an eternal possession and I will be a God to them.” (Genesis 17:8).

When famine and drought ravaged the land, and the Israelites found themselves enslaved by the Egyptians, God still lead them out of Egypt to the promised land. We can see how God instructs the Israelites to act before entering the land: “You shall not defile yourselves … for the nations, whom I am sending away from before you, have defiled themselves with all these things. The land became defiled, and I visited its sin upon it, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.” (Leviticus 18:24-25). This passage describes the land they are entering as having high standards, high enough that God warns them of their behavior while dwelling in the land, thus giving the land a special holy presence expected from God.

Not only do we see how God sets it apart and provides standards of living while in the land of Israel, but we can also take note of the miraculous events that have occurred in the Holy Land. It is also the only land visited by God’s presence, as seen in the Tabernacle and the Temple. This is the land in which Jesus was born, crucified, and then rose again! In all of his time on earth, Jesus never visited Europe, India, or America. The Gospels speak of Jesus living, preaching, healing and performing miracles in places you can still find in modern Israel.

Israel is a unique place, a piece of land that is different from any other. This land has been given into the hands of those whom God chose. If we believe the covenant that our God made, we need to align our beliefs, ideals and desires with His. promotes love, understanding and relationships based on biblical values between Jews and Christians. We invite people everywhere to join our mission of upholding God’s covenantal promises and we invite you to join us in some unique projects in the Land of Israel, God’s Holy Land.