Let’s stand together in a time when the world is turning against God. Let’s stand for freedom, righteousness and in the blessing of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from LoveIsrael.com

Driven by a pursuit of religious freedom, American pioneers overcame hardships and dangers of a new land. After suffering religious persecution and restrictions, they were finally free to settle and create a society that reflected their views and values. These values and faith were the foundation of the modern economic and political superpower that still dominates the world today. The parallel between American pioneers and Israel is very similar. Like those who were looking for religious freedom in Europe and traveled the stormy seas, not knowing what was before them in this new land that would be called America, so did the Jews that had suffered their own religious persecution finally returned to their homeland to rebuild the promised safe haven.

Israel was established only 65 years ago, but it is easy to compare the hardships as well as values the first American pioneers had with modern Israel. After World War II, many Jews came to Israel because they had nothing left, yet many also came to Israel because it was their homeland and wanted to be free from any religious or nationalistic persecution elsewhere. But what did that mean? Israel was a new state that had just been created, but there were many uncertainties of living that many Jews faced, just like those first Pilgrims who traveled to an unknown land. To most European Jews, the Middle East was very unknown to them, with its own culture, and dangers. Many Jews came with very little, if anything at all, having to re-learn farming and simple living. German and Polish educated or religious families turned to growing wheat and fruit and raising cattle.

In America, a melting pot of immigrants was created; in Israel, a melting pot of Jews from every corner of the earth continues to melt century-old traditions into a new “Israeli” culture. Israel is filled with Jews from Europe, America, Iraq, Morocco, Australia, and so on, and with them they have melted their beliefs, customs, and practices into such a unique cornerstone for the State of Israel. As we reflect on the first American settlers coming to claim the American land and establishing the free country we live in today, we can remember the first settlers that reclaimed the land of Israel to revive the promise of the land they have been carrying in their hearts for 2000 years.

America found its greatness in this expression of faith and freedom. Thanksgiving is a season when we commemorate and celebrate this humble beginning and the blessing God provided in the abundance of harvested fruits and vegetables. The blessing still remains even amidst the growing anti-God sentiment in the country that worked so hard for a freedom to live under God. This blessing continues to bring prosperity to us, allowing us as Americans to be a blessing to other nations. As we celebrate, let’s remember the Jewish people who are also reaping the harvest of God’s blessing in the Promised Land. Let’s stand together in a time when the world is turning against God.  Let’s stand for freedom, righteousness and in the blessing of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

Today, let’s give thanks. Let’s give thanks for Israel and for America. And let us hold on to the values we share, becoming a blessing to others around us! LoveIsrael.com is a place where Jews and Christians stand together for good. Join us today and become a partaker of the blessing of the God of Israel. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from LoveIsrael.com

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