Help us bring these Jewish souls together by touching them.....
One-heart, one-life at a time through your generous support.

Hope for Holocaust Survivors

God is Love and when His love is demonstrated and released into a life through those that believe; it brings light, joy and hope to the one receiving the gift. In our promise to always remember the Holocaust where 6,000,000 Jews were murdered with 1.5 million of them being children, and where 5,000 Jewish communities were destroyed; let us also remember those that survived and let us bring them together as a family into one home. We can bring honor to the memories of those lost with our acts-of-love toward those that survived by letting them know that they are not-alone and not-forgotten.

Today, by making a decision to help bring Holocaust Survivors together into one home you help bring an end to years of isolation and loneliness. Many of the survivors lost their entire family years ago and have lived-alone far too long in this world. This hope that we bring opens doors for “friendship and fellowship” with other Holocaust Survivors and provides them a safe-clean place to live, regular nourishing meals and brings light to their souls as they no longer live-alone.
When we give to help others less fortunate our giving rises to a higher level of honor and a house-of-hope-youtube-thumbricher blessing is bestowed on seemingly inferior people who hold no apparent importance to the world. Our giving toward improving the lives of these precious Jewish people is seed sown to help tear down walls of division between Christians and Jews and is a genuine demonstration of our loving-care for them. True compassion is when we open our heart towards others and open our hands to give; for this is the power of God’s Love.

Help us bring these Jewish souls together by touching them one-heart, one-life at a time through your generous support. We know that God will bless us as we honor and bless the Jewish people as promised in Genesis 12:3; how much more, when our choice is to give toward improving the life of Holocaust Survivors. As we become God’s instrument bringing tidings of great joy, we can be assured that the blessings will flow both ways: for as we are blessing them–they will be blessing us as we become a good part of their life’s story. What an honor to care and give without any expectation for return other than the “joy of giving” simply to bless the Jewish people, the apple of God’s eye, the seed of Abraham.

“Thank you for giving generously to these precious Jewish people as together we bring Hope to life.” is a ministry partner with Chapel of Hope Ministries, Inc. in the United States Your tax-deductible donation to is processed by Chapel of Home Ministries, Inc.  Your donation will appear on your credit card bill as “PayPal LoveIsrael.”



"Thank you for supporting the Holocaust Survivors for in this project you have direct impact into the lives of a unique group of Jewish people who are now living-out their later days in Eretz Yisrael"

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