Lovers of Israel, let us begin to create Love Buzz around Israel and its people

Let us Create a Love Buzz for Israel and Its People

The best way to share Truth on any topic is by word-of-mouth. As word-of-mouth spreads on any given subject, it begins to take on the sound and appearance of a bee buzzing around and landing on any ear that will listen. We all know people on both sides; they choose either to view life as a glass being half-full or half-empty. Most people who view life as a glass half-full look at life’s experiences as a time to learn and where continual growth flourishes. Those who tend to view the glass as being half-empty rarely express positive outlooks on any given situation and look toward the negative in their life’s experiences, thinking only of the pain that must be endured.

Apathy is another view that actually is more subtle, the choice to suppress any thought or emotion and see life indifferently, lacking any sensitivity. The pendulum of life swings and takes no consideration toward gender, race or religion, yet the truth is that in every moment views are formed and words are spoken and buzz is created from either excitement, incitements or encouragements.

So, why do so many people choose to believe Buzz filled with lies? Is it because people want to believe what they want to hear? Lies today are sprinkled with enough truth to satisfy whoever views life as the glass half-empty.

All children of God are called to see life through our Heavenly Father’s eyes. Our Father has given us perfect heart lenses created in Heaven, allowing us to view Truth clearly with His divine ability to choose what is good and protect us from deception.

Lovers of Israel, let us begin to create Love Buzz around Israel and its people. Spread the word of Truth by word-of-mouth, raising awareness of the importance of standing with Israel and the power within God’s commanded blessing toward those who choose to believe and obey.

Truth will always stand, lies can be revealed, but apathy is spit-out. Join as we spread the TRUTH in Love by our commitment to Love Israel.

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