Let us Support the Holocaust Survivors

The word Holocaust in Hebrew is Shoah and it means catastrophe. It can be hard for us today to imagine living in a world where systematic state-sponsored annihilation happened as a world stood-by and watched. This persecution and genocide against the Jews was so great and pre-meditated that it began in stages overtime in a world not yet at war. World War II brought concentration camps and ghettos where the Jews imperiled were forced into slave labor where many died due to exhaustion or disease. Then as Germany grew in strength spreading its force across Europe so did the persecution and murder. If you are a Holocaust Survivor, then you have survived not only concentration camps, overcrowded ghettos, transported in freight cars to extermination camps and most importantly you are alive today.


The human atrocity against Jews is unimaginable but Jews have lived them and many died but today we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference as Christians. As of 2008, there were officially 233,700 Holocaust survivors living in Israel and studies estimate by the year 2015 only 143,900 we still be alive. They are an aging population with the majority well into their 70’s. Though these numbers are decreasing the magnitude of their needs are not. The documented most common issues a survivor faces in their aging process are in their cardiovascular system, chronic skeletal pain and insomnia. They have a greater need for home health care and social interaction among their age group and a large majority suffer from an extreme sense of being alone and rarely venture out to join in cultural or entertainment activities.

Supporting Holocaust survivors brings those that survived together into a group home where companionship helps fill the void of feeling alone. Families of those that survived the Holocaust love and support them, but when survivors are together, a healing far deeper begins from the inside. This opportunity will not last forever; today we can reach-out and replace the horrors of yesterday with our compassion for them today by letting them know we as Christians care. It is a terrible thing to feel alone surrounded by people and worse yet to be alone with your memories of such a historical tragic event. We can make the difference in the lives of those who survived this world catastrophe. Christians who reach out with their prayers, their love and their gifts of support can do so much more than what the world ever did before.

Support the Holocaust Survivors

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