"You shall charge the sons of Israel, that they bring you clear oil of beaten olives for the light, to make a lamp burn continually..." (Exodus 35:8)

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LoveIsrael Olive Tree Bond PackageLoveIsrael.com’s Olive Tree Bond Program is for any ministry or individual who wants to symbolically plant an olive tree in the land of Israel. Olive trees are unique, having been selected by God to produce the oil used in the Holy of Holies for serving Him. The most sacred virgin olive oil was used by prophets of the Bible and symbolized the presence of the Holy Spirit in a chosen person’s life. Messiah is a Hebrew word describing someone who was anointed; the anointing oil was produced from olives

The Olive Bond program allows you to plant a tree in your name or in someone else’s name on a special plot of land close to the Sea of Galilee. This location was the main area where Jesus Himself, the anointed one, served the Jewish people. This unique combination is so meaningful for anyone who knows and believes the Holy Bible.

After each tree is planted, Loveisrael will send a special Olive Bond package containing a certificate bearing name of your choice, a map showing the location of olive tree, a full color booklet filled with olive information and recipes and a bottle of olive oil from the orchard.

Not only is this a special opportunity with deep symbolic meaning, the project is also supported by the Israeli Governmental Authority to promote the cultivation of olive oil in Israel. Olive Bond is a unique gift and a symbolic step. It is a way to help sustain the land by helping the desert become green and fulfilling Bible prophecy.

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Thank you for your generous donation to plant an olive tree in the Holy Land of Israel. Consider planting an Olive tree in the name of a loved-one or memory of someone as a gift of life rooted in the Holy Land of Bible.

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I was just thinking of Israel along with friends and acquaintences who live there. You came to mind. I wanted you to know I pray for Israel daily, as a watchman on the wall, and many times your face comes before me, and I lift you up before His throne too.

You have friends standing with you my friend!

Greg Beel