“Taste and see that Adonai is good. How blessed are those
who take refuge in him!” (Psalm 34:8)

Senses, Seasons, Silence & Stories of Holocaust Survivors

SENSES are the receptors of our surroundings, transmitted through our five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell or taste all uniquely created attributes enabling humanity the ability to experience life. “Taste and see that Adonai is good. How blessed are those who take refuge in him!” (Psalm 34:8)

SEASONS are cycles, established spiritual law, set in place by God as a way of measuring time on earth. “So long as the earth exists, sowing time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

SILENCE is the complete absence of sound and encompasses the absence of speech. “But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.” (Habakkuk 2:20)

Jewish Holocaust Survivors experienced extreme magnitudes of barbarity. Their senses horrifically exposed to evil. The season of killing continued seemingly without end. The silence of the world became deafening as treachery continued at the hand of the German Nazi’s as they systematically extinguished Jewish men, women and children. It has been 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps. The Jews liberated from these death camps today no longer live with the sense of fear. Survivors share their STORIES and memories, what they sensed and the seasons they survived. Their stories now documented for future generations and shared internationally around the world; teach us their stories of survival from unbelievable events. Holocaust Survivors teach and share so generations to come might know, the children yet to be born, in hopes that they will arise and retell them to their children and their children’s children so the world will never forget.

Lovers of Israel we have an opportunity to help Jewish Holocaust Survivors, some who have lost their entire family and most of their friends. Our support helps remove the barrier of isolation of living alone with memories and experiences they survived. Holocaust Survivors no longer wake up every morning in the shadows of gas chambers and crematories, forced to face devastating unimaginable experiences. The survivors that are still with us today carry within their senses the true cost of survival from the atrocities of Germany’s extermination plans for the Jews of Europe. In this season of their life, Holocaust Survivors need not face life alone.

LoveIsrael.com supports the House of Hope in Israel, a home for Holocaust Survivors in their last season of life. A place where their senses can heal and silence is a prayer of devotion not an enforcement of fear, a safe place where they can share their stories with all that will listen, with all that care. Lovers of Israel will you help Holocaust survivors as they live out their last days, by helping them live in dignity, receive nourishing meals, free medical assistance and most of all social interaction with fellow survivors. House of Hope Holocaust Survivors do not live alone and never have to experience their daily needs not met.

On April 15, the March of the Living will take place in Poland as people from around the world will march in silence three kilometers from Auschwitz to Birkenau retracing the steps of those that were marched to their death by the Germans. This active demonstration supports Holocaust Survivors, and for those of you unable to join the thousands who will march, prayerfully consider helping Holocaust Survivors in LoveIsrael’s House of Hope. Together we make a difference in helping to create new senses in this season of life for Holocaust Survivors. Do not remain silent any longer, reach out and touch Holocaust Survivors, one life–one story at a time. (Genesis 12:3)

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  1. I have read many stories of children of the holocaust survivors , I have yet to read a single one on the dark side of this .No one wants to write that story or maybe no one wants to acknowledge that story.I would like to hear more on this event that seems to have been swept under a rug

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