"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it" (Proverbs 3:27)

Sometimes it really is “For the Children”

There are plenty of things that are different from nation to nation. Food, customs, dress, even methods of governance are varied around the world. But one thing is true internationally. Politicians of all shapes, sizes, and ideologies finish their stump speeches with “It’s for the children.”

It’s a line guaranteed to garner applause and designed to motivate voters. After all, who could be against anything for kids? But altogether too often the catch-phrase is a throwaway line, and “the children” are forgotten. After all, kids can’t vote.

Once in a while, though, there is a campaign afoot that really is for the children. I want to share a little bit about it with you today.

We at Loveisrael.com have a heart for everything that we do. We believe that it shows in what we write, who we support, and the prayerful way in which we go about our business. That said, there is something particularly special about “Larger than Life.”

Cancer is a scary word. When it strikes an older member of your family the most common responses are disbelief, fear, and despair. When cancer strikes a child the responses are even more profound.

“How could this be?” “Surely not him?” “Please Lord, not her?”

“Larger than Life” is an angel of mercy over a troubled land, and it is a relationship of loveIsrael.com’s of which we are so very proud. From the Negev to the Galilee and all points in between “Larger than Life” is a lifeline to sometimes scarce medication. That alone would make “Larger than Life” a valuable resource. But it goes beyond that. Way beyond.

A child’s smile is golden. A smile from a cancer-ridden child is more precious than gold. “Larger than Life” seeks to provide some of the amenities of life that can bring out that precious smile. Currently, “Larger than Life” is engaging in a campaign to provide Israel’s precious little ones access to computers and music rooms in hospitals. A busy mind chases away fear. “Larger than Life” wants to provide the means to send fear out the door.

Just as cancer knows no distinction between race, color or religious affiliation, neither do the good folks at “Larger than Life.” A child is a gift from God, and all children deserve comfort in a time of worry, relief in a time of pain, and something to occupy their mind when the body has all that it can bear. Our partnership with “Larger than Life” makes some of this possible. Your partnership with “Larger than Life” can make it even better.

So, the next time someone summons your vote by saying, “It’s for the children” you can rest assured that something really is being done to make that catch-phrase a reality. “Larger than Life”, LoveIsrael.com, and generous partners such as yourself are making a difference for the littlest folks that God gave us to love.

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