“He uncovers deep things out of darkness, and brings the shadow of death to light.”
(Job 12:12)

Straight from the Founder’s heart…

Dear Lovers of Israel,

I am writing to you from along the Gaza boarder in Southern Israel.  Truth about Hamas has been weighing heavily on my heart, like a rock, and truth needs to be shared with all Lovers of Israel.  “Adonai Elohim has given me the ability to speak as a man well taught, so that I, with my words, know how to sustain the weary. Each morning he awakens my ear to hear like those who are taught.” (Isaiah 50:4)

Israel has been at war against the Hamas Palestinian militant Islamist terror organization for the last 17 days defending the Israeli population from over 2,141 rockets and missiles that have been fired over the entire land of Israel.  Israel has discovered and destroyed over 31 terror tunnels that were built by Hamas for the purpose of attacking, killing and kidnapping Israeli citizens and soldiers.  As of this letter, Israel has lost 34 brave soldiers and 3 civilians in this war against terrorism.  We pray for the souls of those lost and we bless their memory.

It is heavy on my heart to share with you the ‘money-making-machine’ Hamas is running.  Hamas’ leaders know they will never be able to destroy Israel or “wipe it off the map’ as they have declared for decades.  Therefore, they have invented a “startup” in which they are making hundreds of millions of dollars in personal wealth and profit.  Dear Lovers of Israel, it is all about the money they make while creating tragedy after tragedy to the Palestinian people in Gaza. (“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10a) 

Let me explain to you how it works.  Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world for its size with $213.1 billion GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and $102,100 GDP per capita ranking it the highest income per capita in the world.  Qatar’s population is roughly 2.1 million people of which 1.85 million are the servants of the estimated 278,000 Qatar citizens.  Qatar sits on one of the largest oil reserves in the world and grosses $200 billion per year with their oil and gas revenues and continues to expand their natural-gas production.  Moreover, Qatar is the spiritual father of all Jihad movements including Hamas, Jihad Muslim Brotherhood and even ISSI currently moving through Iraq and Syria.  Qatar has wired about $300-$400 million dollars every year to support Hamas.  The money goes first to the Hamas Chairman, Haled Mashaal, who takes his cut of the deal.  It is being reported that Haled Mashaal has made between two to three billion dollars personally along with other Hamas leaders making millions on their commissions.  This continuous funding is the fuel of the Hamas terror organization which allows them to spend annually huge amounts of money into building rockets, buying ammunition and constructing hundreds of tunnels in the middle of civilian populations.  Hamas’ goal in their build-up of weaponry is to send thousands of terrorists to invade Israel and take Israel down from within.  This is their “vision.”

This is all happening while 2 million Palestinians in Gaza are suffering earning only $3 per day average income and more than a 40% unemployment rate.  However, Hamas has captured Gaza’s civilian population and have forced a large part of them to cooperate with their goals.  The Palestinian people in Gaza remember all to well when Hamas took control of Gaza June 2007.  Hamas targeted civilians and would detain, interrogate, torture, shoot, beat savagely, break bones, and threw people off buildings if they did not support Hamas’ cause.  Hamas also plundered trucks of humanitarian aid shipped to Gaza earmarked for the people and would not distribute the food or supplies to anyone who did not support Hamas.  Hamas literally turned Gaza schools, mosques, and all universities into centers of detention for those that opposed them.  (“…those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” Hebrews 2:15)

Can you imagine how many hospitals, schools and condominiums could have been built with the cement used to build the terror attack tunnels into Israel?  This is almost beyond belief that the world cannot understand and they continue to refuse to see the full picture of how Hamas is destroying Gaza and its people.  Hamas is simply a cruel terror organization which has become a ‘money-making-machine’; it really is as simple as that.

The world is still sleepwalking in regard to Hamas who rules Gaza and the Nation of Israel.  Today, I can assure you with more than 50 million Muslims in Europe there are many who are ready to move to the next stage in their worldwide goal of Jihad.  This battle is no longer about the future of Israel alone but it is about the future of all free nations and mankind.

Please take time out of your daily life to prayer for Israel and pray like King David, a man after God’s own hear, “Now I call on you, God, for you will answer me. Turn your ear to me, hear my words. Show how wonderful is your grace, savior of those who seek at your right hand refuge from their foes.  Protect me like the pupil of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings from the wicked, who are assailing me, from my deadly enemies, who are all around me.  They close their hearts to compassion; they speak arrogantly with their mouths; they track me down, they surround me; they watch for a chance to bring me to the ground.  They are like lions eager to tear the prey, like young lions crouching in ambush. Arise, Adonai, confront them! Bring them down! With your sword deliver me from the wicked, with your hand, Adonai, from human beings, from people whose portion in life is this world.”  (Psalm 17:6-14)

I trust you will stand with Israel more than ever before.  Continue to pray for Israeli soldiers to return home safe and pray for Israel to prevail on behalf of all mankind.

God Bless you ALL from God’s Holy Land promised to Israel. (Genesis 12:2-3)

Shabbat Shalom,

Moshe Bar Zvi
Founder of LoveIsrael.com

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