Your generous support makes it possible for us to reach out and touch these children...
"One-heart - One-life at-a-time...”

Blessing children in giving love to bring life

Larger Than Life offers Christians and Evangelical Ministries an opportunity to bless Israeli children and youth battling cancer.  LoveIsrael by partnering with Larger Than Life, a non-profit Israeli organization, helps provide support to cover the cost of medication needed by the child or youth battling cancer regardless of their faith, race or gender and touches these children and youth within their communities and families.

Larger Than Life provides support for the children and youth battling cancer throughout the year through projects and activities. They operate within all hospitals within Israel from the Negev to the Galilee and work hard to provide enriching support while the child is in clinical treatment or clinical recovery through music and computers.  Once released and the children return home, Larger Than Life’s support does not stop but continues to help by providing critical life-sustaining medications to the children, which often is a devastating financial burden on the whole family. Larger Than Life goes beyond the physical support and supports these young warriors during their fight against cancer by providing a variety of sponsored projects and special events designed specifically to bring encouragement and inspire hope in their heart.

Medication and treatment alone can fall short, but Lovers of Israel together we can help support these young people in their battle against cancer by inspiring Hope in their hearts through our Seeds of Love.  “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” (Psalm 56:3)

Thank you for touching the hearts of these children by the Seeds of Love you sow into their life. is a ministry partner with Chapel of Hope Ministries, Inc. in the United States. Your tax-deductible donation to is processed by Chapel of Hope Ministries, Inc. ( in the United States and will appear on your credit card bill as “PayPal LoveIsrael”.

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Moshe thank you for this wonderful Israel experience. I have been blessed and have learned so much while here. I can’t wait to come back.  #LoveIsraelTour2016
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