‎Kris Harper‎

Very blessed to visit with you and do a bit of touring. Blessings you, your family and to my home away from home, the beautiful land of Israel! #LoveIsraelTour2016

Jill Passmore Huddle‎

Moshe thank you for this wonderful Israel experience. I have been blessed and have learned so much while here. I can’t wait to come back.  #LoveIsraelTour2016

John and Jean Vaneps

We would like our donation to be used for what is most pressing for Israel right now. God bless you all richly! Moshe, we love you and your people and continue to pray that God’s mighty hand of strength and protection be upon all of us who love HIm, in these final days. Praise God!

Greg Beel

I was just thinking of Israel along with friends and acquaintences who live there. You came to mind. I wanted you to know I pray for Israel daily, as a watchman on the wall, and many times your face comes before me, and I lift you up before His throne too.

You have friends standing with you my friend!


I wanted to let you know I received the box containing the information regarding the planting of our olive tree in Israel. It was worth the wait! I was actually taken back by the certificate, location information of the tree, the book and oil containers. Very high quality!

Now that we have received our information concerning the planting of our first olive tree, my plan is to continue planting through your ministry, so as we continue to receive the information when trees are planted, at that time, we will plant more.

We will also be sure to tell others.

Susan/Janet Bland

We have received our Olive Tree Bond package, words cannot express the Connection and Love we feel to Israel knowing that an Olive Tree is growing with our names represented.  We know that Love and Care will be taken for growing the Trees because God’s children will be taking care of them.

watch Isreal Now News, along with Christian Broadcasting Network with Pat Robinson.  CBN will give our Nation the news that is happening around the world and in Israel that our local National News stations will not.

The Bond package is Beautiful

God place his Blessings on the World